What exactly is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is the ancient eastern art of creating living spaces in harmony with their surroundings.

It is based on observations in nature – translated, Feng Shui means “wind & water”. The cosmic energy Qi is collected by the water and scattered by the wind. These two forces of nature symbolize the energies that affect both landscape and people.

The art of Feng Shui is based on the realization that all parts of the universe are interrelated. People’s surroundings have a strong effect on their wellbeing. Fellow human beings influence our mood, and so do interior spaces with their layouts, colors and materials.

A Feng Shui consultant focuses on recognizing, harmonizing and increasing the movement of Qi in a client’s surroundings and living space. A high accumulation of favorable Qi leads to increased wellbeing, harmony and success.

What are the effects of Feng Shui?

Feng Shui offers a wealth of methods and tools to influence the quality of the space you live and work in, and thus your quality of life.

Would you like to repaint your apartment and choose particularly pleasant colors? Or work on a personal issue such as partnership or finances? Feng Shui can benefit your life in many areas. It can enhance your sleep and boost professional success, help you develop your green thumb and thus increase the positive effects of your garden and plants.

By applying Feng Shui, you can tap into the potential your home already holds to make the most of your surroundings.

How and where can Feng Shui be applied to benefit your situation?

Your home:

  • Location analysis: as a decision-making tool while searching for a suitable building site or property
  • For floor plan optimization
  • As a design tool for an entirely new home, for a relocation or renovation
  • To optimize a house, condo or rental
  • To identify ideal use of space
  • To guide decisions on interior fittings, design and furnishing
  • To optimize pathways, entryways and general entrance areas
  • For home staging
  • As a means to tackle frequent personal and health issues, such as relationship and fertility issues, insomnia, lack of energy, general lack of harmony
  • To counteract trouble concentrating, e.g. of children while studying
  • To eliminate general feeling of uneasiness within a space

Your business:

    • Location analysis: as a decision-making tool while searching for a suitable building site or property
    • To support you in planning an entirely new building for company headquarters or a relocation to new office space
    • To tackle personal, professional or company stagnation
    • To prevent or counteract lacking motivation – your own or that of your employees
    • To eliminate general dissatisfaction or discomfort at work
    • To counteract any negative impact of the working space on staff an clients
    • To set the stage for better teamwork
    • In commercial properties, hotels, office spaces, medical practices as well as public institutions such as community centers, kindergartens, schools

Imperial Feng Shui methods:

To provide advice tailored to the individual needs of my clients, I work with the following methods and techniques:

  • Qi guidance (energy flow/water placement/power stations)
  • Yin and yang principle (active and passive areas)
  • The principle of the five elements = transformation phases (water – wood – fire – earth – metal)
  • Form school (outdoor and indoor)
  • Compass school (life themes)
  • East/west system
  • Double mountains/24 heavenly stars
  • Ba chop (spatial aspects)
  • Flying stars (temporal aspects)
  • Hexagram method (stone setting)
  • Bazi suanming (Chinese astrology)
  • Radiesthesia
  • Color systems RAL/ NCS